Anuradha Quanoongo
Legal Assistant and Law Clerk to Jordan Palmer

t. 905.997.8987 ext. 8002


Anuradha has practiced law in diverse areas of law including Corporate and Insurance law for more than 10 years in India. Upon arriving to Canada, she completed her internship as legal support team with UL lawyers. Her dedication, hard work and perseverance was acknowledged and respected by UL Lawyers; and she was asked to join the team.

She is an experienced legal and multilingual professional with proficiency in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi as second languages.

Anuradha strives to provide a professional approach to all the matters. She believes in constant relationship building with the clients and being aware of every development in each individual case. According to her, attention to detail and consistency is the path to success. Anuradha works on all matters at the firm whether it be wrongful dismissal, long term disability, accident benefits, slip and fall, etc. and is always ready to learn new skills and expertise to serve the clients better in every possible way and strive for success with UL Lawyers Professional Corporation. She has a great relationship with all her colleagues, seniors and clients.

When not in the office, Anuradha persuades her in soul passions for poetry, drama and theatre. She is an active member of different art groups and theatres and finds herself connected with human wellbeing and emotions through these hobby traits. According to her it helps her to emerge as a more understanding legal professional and helps her in dealing with the psychology of the clients more effectively.


  • Law Clerk (Distinction), Studies - Paralegal Diploma.
  • Bachelor of Law, India (2001)