At UL Lawyers Professional Corporation, we take pride in zealously advocating for our clients to offer quality and comprehensive legal services. We work diligently on each and every case and aim to provide services with a humanistic approach. The quality of care and dedication we approach every case with is invaluable. Our clients are our family, and we strive to provide them with the same quality of care as we would our loved ones.

UL Lawyers is a firm who values their team just as much as their clients. The firm recognizes the importance of wellness and teamwork. Our firm regularly practices self-care with yoga, team-building exercises and celebrating milestones together. We value the importance of being able to work on your individual case as one strong-knit team. We love, honour and care for each other and that translates into our desire and determination to taking care of each of our client’s unique needs, which is how we are able to strongly advocate and achieve the best result for you.

UL Lawyers initially offered services to clients in Ontario in the field of personal injury law and insurance claims. However, the firm has grown over the last few years and in addition to offering services in insurance, disability and car accident claims, UL Lawyers now offers services in Employment law, Immigration Law and Family law. In fact, as Immigration lawyers, the firm now offers immigration services worldwide. If you have been injured or hurt in a car accident, had a disability claim denied, been wrongfully dismissed without cause, need assistance with an immigration matter such a permanent residence (Ontario) application, student visa, express entry etc. our firm can assist you.

The firm also strongly recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and supporting charitable causes. The Founder and Managing Lawyer, Sunish Rai Uppal, lives by the motto – “we grow when the community prospers”. It is through practice of this belief that we, as a firm, are able to thrive and motivate each other through work hard and achieve every successful outcome for you.

Welcome to our family!

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  • After suffering a long term wear and tear injury I could no longer work or even carry out my normal day to day functions. After being cut off by my long-term disability insurance company I was unsure what to do. I got in contact with Sunish and he explained he would handle my case and told me what to expect. Thanks to Sunish and his firm I received more than he told me to expect from my long-term disability settlement. He held out for what he felt was owed to me and pushed hard for more. The greedy reputation of lawyers was destroyed by Mr. Uppal. He restored my faith that not everyone is out for themselves. I sleep better at night now thanks to having his team on my side. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who has to fight for their rights. A top notch firm, FIVE STARS!!

    Brian Smart
  • Sunish and his team at UL Lawyers have been great. They are smart, caring, hard working and were understanding to all my needs. Sunish guided me through every step of the way. I have dealt with Sunish and his team over the last four years, and have always felt protected and in good hands. I am extremely happy with my settlement, Sunish delivered on every level possible and cannot thank him enough! Thank you Sunish and your team al UL Lawyers for making this difficult time comforting and easy.

    Matthew Newton
  • I hired Sunish at UL Lawyers for my denied long-term disability claim. I am very pleased with the services provided by him and his law firm. He is efficient, diligent and aggressive when it comes to representing his clients. Throughout the litigation stage, he took out the time to explain the process and next steps in detail and ensured my nerves were calm. He was respectful and did not just treat me like a number but was caring and compassionate towards me. Not only that, he was fair when it came to charging legal fees. As per his retainer agreement, he charged me fees only when my matter settled and it was in accordance with the Solicitors’ Act. He did not pocket the legal costs that were reimbursed by the insurer upon settlement. If your disability claim has been denied, then I highly recommend him.

    Robert Porter
  • I am thankful to Sunish Uppal and his team for the excellent services and friendly and helpful advice he gave to me regarding my Car Accident claim. Sunish is very professional and courteous. It was pleasure working with him and he worked tirelessly for our case. My questions and concerns were answered in timely manner. Sunish and his team helped me and supported me in my hard times. My emails and phone calls were answered 24/7 by him. Sunish is very humble and a friendly person and a lawyer who understands other person’s pain and needs. I would very highly recommend him for legal representation.

    Azhar Hussain
  • Sunish and his team made me a very happy guy regarding my long-term disability claim. This law firm in my eyes is the best in Ontario. Thanks again Sunish, you changed my life

    Tony Phillips




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