At UL Lawyers Professional Corporation our team is a key component of our success. The effort, knowledge, experience and professionalism you possess and demonstrate will help us continue to provide our clients with unsurpassed service and significantly impact on our firm’s continued success. The basis for the relationships that we forge with our staff is one of mutual respect. What this translates into practically is that we expect you to take pride in your work and contribute to your team while honouring the commitment we make to our clients to provide superior, timely service.

We look for candidates who are consummate professionals. Your experience and education will clearly demonstrate your excitement and commitment to your chosen field. Your energy and enthusiasm is key to your positive work ethic. We trust that you will recognize and value the unique relationship that we have with our clients and can translate that respect into exceptional service. We trust that you have the ability to balance a challenging career with the lives you lead outside the office.

What do we do differently and why Choose UL Lawyers?

  • We have great team and supportive work environment based on mutual respect. From our most experienced lawyer to our front desk, our people genuinely enjoy working together to meet our clients' needs.
  • We work on interesting files with each other and well-established client base.
  • We work a one unit, one family. We are flexible and attentive to the individual needs of each and every one of our team members. You will never be just a number or a series of statistics at our firm.
  • We are committed to ongoing professional development.

Additional Staff Positions

On occasion positions in other areas of our firm also become available.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a part of our legal team you may submit your resume to:

Vidhi Acharya
Operations Manager
UL Lawyers Professional Corporation

Vidhi can also be contacted by email at