Vidhi Acharya
Operations Manager and Senior Law Clerk

T. 905.997.8987 ext. 8013

Operations Manager and Senior Law Clerk

Vidhi has spent almost 2 decades serving the legal industry (plaintiff and defence) working at top notch firms. She has been part of a team as small as 3 people and as large as 500+ people. This has given her great advantage in performing all the tasks at a law firm as a non-lawyer starting from front desk to a senior law clerk including accounting, office management, business relations, etc. with client relations being her greatest asset. She understands the needs of the firm’s clients; and, that how excellent client service is highly dependent on having excellent members in a team to make a law firm successful.

Given that Vidhi has worked on legal files from the inception of a file till the trial (from plaintiff’s side as well as defence’s side), it has given her an incomparable outlook to proficiently utilizing her skills and knowledge in building and supporting a dynamic team at UL Lawyers. Vidhi understands what it takes to build a file and the unique requirements of the client(s). As such, she has ability to prepare legal summaries to assess the files. Vidhi has been integral part of a 5 weeks complex jury trial. She assisted in preparing opening and closing statements, trial related motions, documentary evidence, trial related briefs, will-say statements, interviewing witnesses and preparing them for testimonies, and ensuring attendances of all witnesses. She diligently attended the court on a daily basis during the trial to support all the team members; importantly, support her clients and witnesses. Given her exposure to various types of cases, files and clients, she has built a great rapport with her clients, lawyers including opposing lawyers and their support team, adjusters, court clerks, process servers and everyone that would be involved in a litigation process.

Vidhi brings her high energy and wealth of experience to the team at UL Lawyers. Vidhi believes that culture maintained within the firm must be full of positivity which translates into being able to give the best client service. She understands that legal industry is very deadline oriented and fast paced. She brings her exceptional organizational skills, consistency and confidence combined with her happy spirits, modesty and strong work ethics.

In her spare time, Vidhi enjoys attending meditation retreats, women’s circles, creating arts, planning fun gatherings and events and getting to know her friends and family at a deeper level.