Life can be unpredictable and therefore it is important to have insurance that can protect you during tough times. An Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance policy covers your or your family members in the event of an accident that results in injury or death. Have an AD&D policy in place can provide financial compensation to help you and your family cope with the consequences of you having a sustained a serious injury or death. Nowadays, it is very common for an AD&D policy to be a part of your extended health care (EHC) benefits offered by your employer.

Most AD&D insurance policies provide plan members with financial compensation in the following scenarios:

  • An accident death
  • Accidental dismemberment of part or all of a limb (for example, your hand, feet, arm, fingers, toes)
  • Loss of sight, hearing or speech

Each policy is different and therefore it is important to study the terms and schedule of the policy in depth. Different percentages are paid for different injuries and a flat amount in the event of accidental death.

For Accidental Death, the designated beneficiary receives compensation if the insured dies accidentally. For example, homicide, death in a car accident, downing etc. With respect to the Dismemberment aspect of the claim, AD&D policies pay a percentage for the loss of a limb, partial or permanent paralysis etc.

It is imperative to be aware that most policies include a list of circumstances that are excluded from coverage. In particular suicide, death from illness or natural causes are excluded in every policy. In addition, death from the use of street drugs and overdose of toxic substances are excluded as well.

If you are a beneficiary and your claim for benefits has been denied, then call our aggressive and experienced team of lawyers to assist you. We will hire the right experts to prove your case. At UL Lawyers Professional Corporation, if your Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) claim has been denied, we will work for you on a contingency fees basis, which means there are no upfront retainer fees that have to be deposited with us. We will initially pay for all your disbursements and any court costs. Upon settlement or judgment, fees will be calculated on the amount of recovery and not on disbursements or costs recovered in accordance with the Solicitors Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER S.15.

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